Mission Statement

Our Goal at Brickpicker.com

The mission of BrickPicker.com is to educate the Lego enthusiast and collector of the most up to date and current prices of new and used Lego sets. Through our partnership with ebay, we have access to thousands of current and past auction results from the 'thousands' of various Lego sets sold on ebay. By utilizing this information and putting it into easy to understand charts and graphs, the BrickPicker member can make intelligent and cost effective choices when making their next Lego purchase.

In addition, BrickPicker members are able to view pricing trends in the Lego world. Various tools and data are at the BrickPicker member's fingertips, not unlike many 'stock' websites. This will enable the Lego collector to put a value on their own collection and to gauge future purchases. While our site has information about the multitude of Lego sets in existence, our focus is about the 'value' of these sets. We hope you enjoy our site and use it to make intelligent and cost effective Lego purchases in the future...