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Brickpicker.com is the definitive online LEGO community that offers information, deals and help to all levels of LEGO collectors and investors. Whether you are just looking for a good deal on new LEGO sets at retail and online shops or run a major LEGO business, Brickpicker.com has the tools and content you need to find the right answer.

Why LEGO Investing?

The year was 1979. The set was #497, The Galaxy Explorer. That is where my love affair with LEGO bricks started. I was 10. Some 30 odd years later, my love affair for these little plastic bricks is stronger than ever.

LEGO has always been a passion of mine, but it took having a baby to really see how LEGO bricks increase in value over the years. A year before the birth of my son, Max, I started purchasing all of the sets from the Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series. I bought the Millennium Falcon set(NIB) #10179 for $399. Needless to say, having a baby put a damper on my LEGO collecting and I stopped buying and paying attention to Legos for the next 2+ years. When I had the free time to kick start my hobby again, I was floored...

Set #10179 was selling for $800-$1200+ on eBay only two years later. HOLY SH*T! I was speechless. Damn, I knew I should have bought more Legos two years ago. Needless to say, I started buying any LEGO set I could get my hands on.

I was discussing this huge monetary increase in vintage Lego sets with my brother Jeff and we got to talking that there was really no place to see how much various sets have appreciated over the years. He is a web site developer and had various ideas on how we could make our ideas come to life on the internet.

And so...BrickPicker.com was created.

Jeff and I hope you find our site useful and entertaining. This site is for every LEGO fan out there, from the beginning builder to the hardcore LEGO investor. It is meant to illustrate the incredible value of LEGO bricks, not only from a monetary standpoint, but from an entertainment and educational standpoint. Enjoy...


Eddie Mack
Co-Founder, BrickPicker.com

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